Gas & Oil boiler installations & Bathroom re-models

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Central heating & hot water installation

Welcome to Bishop’s Stortford Plumbing & Heating, your local trusted contractor. Offering a workforce of highly experienced engineers to support all your service, maintenance, and installation needs.

Bishops Stortford Plumbing & Heating (BSPH) engineers are experts in central heating, boilers, and hot water systems. This is backed up with all lead engineers being qualified in Gas or Oil, so you can rest assured you are in safe hands. We will only ever send an appropriately qualified engineer to carry out the works that you need.

We have a combination of over 50 years of experience within the industry, and there is nothing that we have not seen or had to deal with. Maybe your boiler has stopped working and has reached a point where it is uneconomical to repair. We are here to help and happy to provide free written quotations and discuss the best options suitable for your heating needs. Old heating systems can be very non-efficient, and the savings from a replacement can be quite surprising. There are many options available when upgrading, and we will advise you of all of these.

Along with household boilers, we also supply, fit and repair swimming pool boilers too; we have vast experience with them and will have your system back up and running quickly and efficiently.

That’s not to say that it needs replacement because your old heating system may have broken down. Often, some simple diagnostics and you could be back up and running within no time. We pride ourselves on being as honest as possible, and we are firm believers in finding out the customers needs first and then trying as hard as we can to make them a reality. We are qualified and able to offer installation and central heating repairs on both Gas and Oil boilers.

Along with central heating works we are specialists in hot water systems too. You may have a conventional vented cylinder or even an unvented pressurised hot water cylinder that has started to leak. A BSPH installer can quickly rectify either of these. We can also offer a conversion from vented to pressurised, giving you the added advantages of mains pressure hot water and removing the cold water storage tank freeing up space. Give us a call to arrange a no-obligation quotation and to discuss your options 01279 976 975

The bathroom is one of the most used rooms in any house, and our highly trained plumbers have carried out many re-modelling projects over the years. We can offer a complete package from start to finish and coordinate other trades we work with to ensure that a new installation will run as smooth as possible, causing you the slightest disturbance.




Full Central Heating Installation

Maybe you have a property that has never had gas or oil central heating and feel now is the time to look for a full installation. Or possibly your existing install has many issues or is a one pipe system. Or maybe you are having an extension done and are concerned that your current pipework and boiler will not be substantial enough to meet your needs.

Any of these concerns that you have can be addressed by Bishops Stortford Plumbing and Heating. We will initially carry out a site survey to then ascertain what the best solution is for you and your property.

Full Heating installation
Boiler Replacement


Boiler Replacement

There are so many options when it comes to choosing a new boiler and it is easy to be mis-informed with regards to what is most suitable for your property. Just because someone advertises a boiler at a discount price that seems too good to be true does not mean it is suitable for every property.

Boilers like car engines come in all different sizes. You would not install an engine from a Mini in a Ford Transit and vice versa. This applies to boilers as well and Bishop’s Stortford Plumbing and Heating can advise you what one to choose to make sure you are getting value for money from the installation and also from the efficiency of it moving forward for years to come.


Swimming Pool Boiler

If you are having any issues with your swimming pool boiler then we have a lot of experience with supplying, installing and also servicing and fault finding pool heating systems.

Keeping your pool at an optimum temperature is essential and making sure the boiler is working correctly will mean you can enjoy the benefits of your swimming pool without having to worry about breakdowns.

We can also offer yearly servicing for your pool boiler and at the same time carry out an annual gas check on your household gas or oil appliances, an ideal situation to make sure that all your heating needs are being taken care of in one go.

swimming pool boiler repair
unvented water cylinder repair


Unvented Water Cylinder

There are so many advantages to an unvented water cylinder. Having mains pressure hot water means that your cold water storage tank can be removed creating space in your loft. There is also no need for power showers as the pressure from an unvented cylinder will give an amazing powerful shower in itself.

As with boilers unvented cylinders come in many different sizes makes and models and choosing the correct one at the survey stage is very important to make sure that your hot water needs are met. Making sure that there is enough hot water for the family is essential but also that the cylinder is not so big that it is unnecessarily heating more water then will ever be used. Bishop’s Stortford Plumbing and Heating will make sure that the right one is selected for your needs.


Central Heating Repairs

If your central heating has stopped working then give Bishop’s Stortford Plumbing and Heating a call to arrange an appointment for us to investigate the issue and fix it promptly. It is not uncommon for valves or pumps to get stuck especially if it is the first time of turning your heating back on after summer.

Central heating breakdowns do not have to be expensive like a lot of people think. We will diagnose the issues and address them promptly offering an honest explanation of the faults that we find.

central heating repairs being carried out in Bishop's Stortford
Radiators and Towel Rails


Radiators and Towel Rails

If some of your rooms feel cold compared to others it maybe that the radiators you have installed are not meeting the heat requirements of that room. We can carry out a heat calculation to see if this is the case or if the issue is due to something else.

Radiators also become old over time and the first sign that they may need changing is rust forming on them. With Bathroom radiators its very common to see this due to the moisture within the room. We can advise you on how urgent they need attention.


Bathroom installation

Bathroom re-models are an exciting transformation for any property. There are so many options available and we can work with you to make your visions a reality.

We have carried out many bathroom , ensuite and cloakroom installations over the years and are well equipped to discuss how best to deliver your perfect bathroom installation.

bathroom installation in Bishop's Stortford
under floor heating done in Bishop's Stortford


Under floor Heating

Underfloor heating is a very popular form of warming a house. Having the heat radiating through the floor gives an overall feeling of comfort and the need for radiators can be eliminated.

If you need a quotation for a complete under floor heating system in the Bishop’s Stortford and surrounding area then we can help you out and advise on what is best suited. We have a lot of experience with under floor heating and all works related to it.


Power Flushing

A central heating system over time can become blocked up with debris in the radiators and the heat exchanger of the boiler. A lot of the time having a chemical power flush of your existing system will remove the vast majority of this build up.

Power flushing is a service that Bishop’s Stortford Plumbing and Heating have been offering for many years and we are professionals at it.

Power Flushing in Bishop's Stortford
Gas Certificates And Servicing in Bishop's Stortford


Gas Certificates and Servicing

It is advisable to have a gas safety check carried out on a 12 monthly basis and to also complete a service. Like a car that needs an MOT every year to make sure it is safe it is also a good idea to get your gas appliances checked as well. Having these checks carried out can also prevent breakdowns and potential unsafe situations occurring in the future.

We are also able to send you yearly reminders when your next inspection is due so you never have to worry about missing one again.


New Build

Bishop’s Stortford Plumbing and Heating have carried out complete plumbing and heating installations in many new build properties for contractors and individuals. We are able to take on these projects for you and work along side architects to make sure that all works are completed to plan.

We would also be very keen to hear from property development companies that are looking for new build contractors to take care of all of their plumbing and heating needs

new build in Bishop's Stortford

Bishop's Stortford Plumbing & Heating COMPANIES FAQ

Its good practice to have a yearly service carried out on your boiler. Just like a car as they get used parts can become worn, things will need cleaning and its important for total piece of mind to have a professional inspect it to check that everything is functioning correctly. New boilers do have fail safe devices built into them but it’s always a good idea to catch any potential issues early on to prevent a boiler breakdown or costly repairs that could have been avoided. We can arrange a yearly service and send reminders a few weeks before they are due offering you piece of mind that you will never miss another service again.

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